The Invitation

Dating With Dignity Summit 2014

Become a Featured Expert on the World's Hottest Telesummit Helping Successful Women Find Love Now!

Matthew Hussey


Carol Allen


Mary Morrissey


Evan Katz


Mathew Boggs


Tai Lopez


Adam Gilad

Dating-With-Dignity-Summit-2013-Speaker_Adam Gilad

Allana Pratt


Jonathon Aslay & Dr. Sheri Meyers


Arielle Ford


Bobbi Palmer


Matthew & Orna Walters


A Few Milestones from the 2013 Summit

Benchmarks We Plan to CRUSH in 2014!

Average # of Leads Sent BACK to Speakers
# of Summit '13 Members
Commissions Paid (So Far!)

Marni Battista, Host of the Dating With Dignity Summit From the desk of Marni Battista, Host of the Dating With Dignity Summit

My Invitation to You…

It’s ON again!!

Last year, with the help of MANY major players in the dating advice space, we changed the game in telesummits. We made a bunch of our speakers ECSTATIC because they got lots of leads and lots of sales.

Folks who weren’t involved last year began asking me in February about how they can play — and so — finally, we are ready to begin the 2014 experience that will culminate in our 2nd annual live event January 17-19, 2015 in Marina del Rey!

We’re making a difference in THOUSANDS of women’s lives!

THOUSANDS of women’s love lives got a dramatic boost by the 30 amazing speakers who shared amazing FREE content and, in turn, were positioned as the world’s BEST experts in love, relationships and women’s well-being.

All of our 2013 speakers emailed us thanking us for sending thousands of new leads and women joining their community.  They said it was actually worth their time and effort (only a quick phone interview and a few email blasts/promos).

We’re going to be even more selective with our panel of experts this year. I want to send you a BUNCH of leads in our amazing “boomerang summit” strategy (we aggregate leads and send them back to your free offers — you shine with your talk, you make money… you make money, we give your talk more airtime).

Wanna Play?

We’re reviewing applications right now and starting our interviews even earlier this year so that we can all have a laid back summer. Promotions will start in September 2014, and we will be scheduling interviews in May & June so everything will be ready to go far in advance!

To get started, simply fill out your application below. (NOTE: This will register you as an official affiliate of the Dating With Dignity Summit.)


“Marni and her Dating With Dignity Summit changed the game!”

~ Lisa Sasevich


“I always receive a huge boost of opt-ins and sales when I play with Marni! She and her team are First Class!”

~ Mathew Boggs


“When I was in Marni Battista’s summit, I was really impressed with what a professional job Marni and her team did. The site and video for the summit were beautiful, the line-up of experts was amazing, the organizing of the event was top-notch, and there were impressive ads for it all over Facebook. It was definitely one of the more high quality summits I’ve been in, and I’ve been in dozens… I had a fantastic time being interviewed by Marni, and I got some great leads and customers to my business as a result (some of whom have become VIP clients and workshop participants) and was grateful to have been ‘invited to the party.’ I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

~ Carol Allen